Catana 70 Carbon Infusion

The epitome of elegance in a high-performance cruising catamaran. The Catana drawing office has taken a fresh look at what makes the perfect catamaran, with the help of several firms of naval architects. The big brother of the Catana 59, the Catana 70 is an exceptional boat in every way, with its streamlined silhouette and classically elegant lines. The culmination of technological excellence, sophisticated design and ever-more advanced performance.

The Catana 70 features revolutionary new curved daggerboards to create a hydrofoil effect. With its significant length and increased power, the Catana 70 is the epitome of high performance. The sail plan is borrowed from racing vessels, with a short mainsail that is easy to manage and a larger foresail, ensuring unparalleled performance from the Catana 70.

An outstanding achievement from the Catana shipyard, the Catana 70 will appeal to both competitive yachtsmen looking for the thrill of an adrenaline rush and sailors with a taste for elegance and refinement embarking on a long-haul voyage.


The interior fittings of the Catana 70 have been entirely redesigned for maximum comfort. The cockpit and salon are on the same level, with a central area which can be extended into either, to make space for a large table. On the port side, the Catana 70 has a galley with a central island and a fine chart table facing the sea. With even more space than the shipyard’s other models, the Catana 70 has generously sized cabins, more cupboards and more storage areas to ensure excellent living conditions on long voyages.


Along with its outstanding stability on the water – enabled by its 70 feet length – generous headroom under the nacelle and high freeboard, the Catana is astonishingly easy to manoeuvre: all the instruments are located in the cockpit, with the toerails, lifelines and handrails designed for easy, unrestricted movement.

Visibility has also been a major focus of attention. The unobstructed 360° view from the cockpit, steering position, chart table and even the salon, guarantees an unparalleled level of safety and comfort.

Download specifications for the Catana 70 here:

Catana 70 – Specifications – 2014

Download the brochure for the Catana 70 here:

Catana 70 – Brochure – 2013