Catana 42 Carbon Infusion

A true distillation of the spirit of Groupe Catana, the Catana 42 provides its owners with an incredible range of technical innovations, exclusive to Catana, in this exceptional 12.6 metre-long sailing boat. It enjoys the benefit of every technical innovation perfected by the shipyard since its opening. Its unique beam to length ratio, adjustable daggerboards, tilted and tulip-shaped bows, aerodynamic coach-roof and torpedo-shaped hulls make the Catana 42 a sight worth seeing, at sea and in the harbour.

At the cutting edge of recreational boatbuilding, the carbon infusion process, now standard on all models in the Catana range, ensures that the Catana 42 is an incredibly high-performance boat, as strong as it is light. At 20 knots down wind, and 12 knots into the wind, the Catana 42 offers its passengers an unrivalled level of comfort and safety for a boat of this size.

Leave the port and set sail for the open sea. Every single detail has been carefully planned so you can enjoy the wonderful thrill of high speed at sea in complete safety, whether you are making a short trip to a nearby island or crossing the world’s greatest oceans.

Download specifications for the Catana 42 here:

Catana 42 – Specifications



The ultimate experience of speed and the ultimate experience of comfort. The Catana 42 has an incredibly spacious interior with a 360° panoramic view. With direct access to the cockpit, its salon is the hub of the boat and is equipped with generous storage space. The light-filled cabins, perfect ventilation, excellent bathroom design, thermal and audio insulation all come together to make life on board easier and more comfortable. Now you can enjoy high-speed voyages and sail through stormy seas, effortlessly. The ease of manoeuvres and the extreme smoothness of the steering system are also there to help you maintain the speed of your Catana 42 easily.


The shape of the floaters and the option of lifting the daggerboards in heavy weather give your Catana 42 a much higher standard of safety than other catamarans. With its original daggerboard system, your Catana 42 is also capable of beating into the wind at the required speed in the roughest seas and reaching the closest port when a storm is approaching. The Catana 42 is the only boat of its size that can maintain high average speeds, whatever the trim or weather conditions.